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bluefin tuna for sale is a central piece in Chronisseur’s weed collection. The green-peppered hybrid has 75% Indica, and 25% Sativa.and the Blueberry strains together. If you liked those strains, the Bluefin Tuna will surely get your full attention. The THC levels are off the charts, certainly among the most potent on the market. We’ve seen lab tests reporting around 28-32% THC making this strain a particularly powerful one. In fact, it’s among the highest THC strains available.

Citrus-infused Blueberry Taste

Given the otherworldly citrus-related taste of the Bluefin Tuna, you have to admit it’s like nothing else you’ve tried. The blueberry aftertaste will rock your world, especially if you give it time to knock you off your feet. Don’t consume too much at a time because this isn’t something you just chug down while famished.

It’s only for those with an exquisite palate and a taste for superior cannabis strains. Seeing as though the THC content can even reach 32% concentration, too much can send you howling to the moon in a split second. This is an Indica-dominant strain, which makes it all the more desirable for cannabis enthusiasts.

The smell might be something not everyone enjoys in particular though. To say it is pungent would be a disservice brought to this majestic cannabis strain. It will invade your every pore and either make you drool with enthusiasm or gag uncontrollably. After you taste it, though, everything will be pieced together marvellously – the perfect taste and smell!how much can you sale a pound of bluefin tuna for

The Bluefin Tuna is 75% Indica, and 25% Sativa, which means the calming and soothing effects are emphasized here. Despite this, you’ll feel a rush of euphoria taking over your body, waving aside any negativity in your life. You’ll be left in awe at how potent this strain appears to be on you first hit.
Indica-dominant hybrid

Being an Indica-dominant strain, the Bluefin Tuna has broader leaves, a shorter stature, and a much shorter flowering cycle than your average balanced hybrid. Moreover, it thrives in colder climates much more so than in hot ones. It’s perfect for indoor or outdoor growth, as most growers will be able to provide the necessary conditions and growth much does a 400 lb

The frosty coating of trichomes and the orange-hued hairs standing upright will instill a sense of wonder in you. Is this strain too good to be true? Sure, it is – it’s a combination of two of the most renowned cannabis strains out there, after all. You get the best of both worlds, a skunk aroma from the Tuna Kush, and a blueberry aftertaste from the Blueberry strain.

Incredibly high levels of THC

The Bluefin Tuna strain can go up to 32% THC concentration. This isn’t a newbie’s plaything anymore – instead, it’s meant to be consumed in low enough doses. Unless you want to be couch-locked for the next few hours, that is. Euphoria, high output energy, and adrenaline will start coursing through your veins as soon as you take your first hit.

They’ll make you feel rejuvenated, joyful, and happy with yourself. This state of mind will continue on even after the mellow sense of comfort takes over you. Being an Indica-dominant hybrid, its CBD content is nothing to scoff at either. There’s quite a lot CBD in there, enough to tone down the THC’s effects a bit.

With such a high concentration of THC, the Bluefin Tuna is among the most potent strains on the market. Needless to say, achieving a 32% THC concentration is incredibly hard and only by providing the perfect growth conditions can we attain that. Let the skunk and blueberry-citric aroma take you to a paradise of your own making! It’s going to be your best experience with cannabis yet.

Natural anxiety reliever and couch-locker

The Bluefin Tuna excels at turning you from a fidgety and agitated wreck into a contemplative, exceedingly calm, and relaxed Zen master. The first few minutes will see all the anxiety, depression, and tension receive an electrifying impact from the THC in the plant. You’ll feel like nothing can ever make you sad or indisposed again.

Next-up, we have the couch-lockdown which, truth be told, is absolutely to die for. You’ll never want to wake from this highness stupor but once you do emerge, it will be like you’re reborn. Your entire body will have shed the stress, muscle tension and potential pains away.

Insomnia and chronic pain will be greatly alleviated if you take a hit just before going to bed. In 30 seconds flat, you’ll be counting sheep and sleeping like a log. Many people also smoke this strain when they simply want to relax and forget all about the accumulated stress. Society rarely gives us a breather when we want it, so taking advantage of this opportunity seems like a no-brainer


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