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Agent Orange is the product of SoCal breeding royalty, MzJill, the former co-owner and a breeder at TGA Subcool. The strain is a cross of citrusy strains Orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper named for the chemical agent used in Vietnam, in part to honor the breeder’s father who was exposed to it




Agent Orange Baby Jeeter Infused – Five .50g Joints 2.5g | Hybrid | 35.27% THC Indoor Grown Infused with Distillate Oil & Kief

  Bred by MzJill Genetics, Agent Orange buds have pigments of both deep maroon and purple.

Infused Pre RollAgent OrangeCitrusEnergeticEuphoricHappyHybridLift Your SpiritsMotivate Your MindOrangeTHCTropicalUplifted

About this strain: Agent Orange

Agent Orange is the product of SoCal breeding royalty, MzJill, the former co-owner and a breeder at TGA Subcool. The top reported aromas of Agent Orange are bright orange, sour lemon, and cheese. And it is said to taste like sweet citrus, spicy herbs, and cheese.

Agent Orange is the winner of the following awards:

2013 3rd place, IC 420 Growers Cup, Sativa

2012 3rd place, IC 420 Growers Cup, Sativa


Secondly, Agent Orange | Infused Pre-Roll | Hybrid | Orange Skunk x Jack Herer x Space Queen | 1g |  Agent Orange is a sativa dominant hybrid cross between Orange Skunk, Jack and Space Queen. Agent Orange has a bright sweet and sour orange flavor with hints of spice on each exhale. The high starts with a slow-building lift that infuses your mind with a sense of calm and a touch of focus that is still very relaxing.This well-balanced hybrid is an uplifting mood booster, for those who need that extra boost. With hints of citrus and pine, it’s the perfect pick me up! 2g.

Combine Orange Skunk with Jack’s Cleaner and Space Queen, and you get Agent Orange – no, not the Vietnam-era pesticide, but rather the medical marijuana strain. Agent Orange also known as “Agent O,” a sativa-dominant hybrid with a 75:25 sativa/indica ratio, Agent Orange produces an uplifting cerebral high ideal for depression, anxiety, and migraines.  The high starts to descend after just half an hour, making this a good strain for daytime activities and house chores. Agent Orange smells like citrus, naturally, and it tastes like sweet and spicy oranges, while the bud has a deep purple appearance. buy agent orange jeeter pre roll online


 A quick smell will fill your nose with sweet and spicy oranges. This is strain is great to help you take on the day!  Jeeter is built on nostalgic memories and is now one of the leading pre-roll brands in California. agent orange infused jeeter pre roll

In conclusion, Agent Orange is a well-balanced hybrid marijuana strain with uplifting and motivating effects. Agent Orange has an aroma of fresh-cut citrus and is an excellent mood enhancer if you are feeling lethargic or depressed. This strain can be made by combining Orange Velvet with the bold Jack the Ripper. agent orange baby jeeter pre roll

Top reported strain effects

  • Relaxed

  • Euphoric

  • Happy

Top reported strain flavors

  • Sweet

  • Earthy

  • Tropical


Certainly, Forged in the legalized cannabis market, our brands & products, licensed cultivation, manufacturing & distribution campuses and partners stand as a beacon to preserve and promote the cultural, social, medicinal and positive impacts that cannabis brings to our nation, local communities and families. agent orange infused jeeter pre roll

 Thus, The Company operates out of a fully licensed manufacturing, fulfillment, production, inventory, distribution and back office operations. The team includes over 75 full-time, high-performance employees and professional staff members with an in-house salesforce & operational partners located throughout California. Also, Jeeter currently holds a California state Distributor, Manufacturer and Event Organizer license. agent orange baby jeeter pre roll

As such, I’ve been seeing a lot of these Jeeter  cartridges at many of the shops in LA.

Thus, Jeeter comes in a 510 vape cartridge (1 gram) using broad-spectrum oil with high THC levels in multiple flavors!  agent orange jeeter xl pre roll


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