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crunch berry strain

crunch berry strain, otherwise known as C Berry or C Berry OG, is a cross between OG Kush and an unknown berry-infused strain. The result is a super tasty strain that offers a 70% Indica-dominant experience. You won’t want to wake up from this creative stupor once the effects kick in. It’ll leave you happy and relaxed, offering a state of blissful sedation toward the end. It’s not the kind of state you want to abandon, not before you feel supremely relaxed and calm.crunch berry strain for sale

crunch berry strain and candy flavour

A legendary flavour stands proof to C Berry’s delicious nature:

  • Flavour – This is a candy-infused treat that’s just as sweet as it is fruity. Once you get by the sweetness, you’ll meet the berry flavour, one that comes with a herbal aroma.
  • Fragrance – This is where that lemon smell comes rolling down, bringing sweetness and spiciness with it, as well as a hint of berries and pine freshness.
  • Looks – The small, forest-green nugs are dotted by purple shades here and there. Just as bright are the fiery-orange hairs and the crystal-glowing trichomes that dress up C Berry.

High THC at 15-16%/.crunch berry strain for sale

C Berry isn’t the type of strain you should ignore. Its potency lies in the heavy cerebral and creative effects during the beginning phase. That’s when your mind receives an impactful show of force from this strain’s Sativa surge of happiness and euphoria. It’ll also enhance your creativity, leaving you uplifted and energetic, with more motivation to carry you over the long hours of stoning. However, that’s when the euphoria settles down, only to welcome the next best thing.crunch berries strain near me

It’s time for the physical effects to kick in, with ample force. At first, you’ll only feel lethargic and unfocused, with a heavy physical buzz that numbs your feelings and muscles. That state of laziness and utter comfort prolong themselves over the hours, leaving you a bit sedated, with your mind wanting for more comfort and calmness. At the end of it, you won’t want to move a muscle from your couch.

Indica-dominant hybrid

C Berry promises a heavy Indica experience, with substantial relaxation and a calming experience that’ll change your perception on cannabis. And that’s exactly what it does, with ample relaxation and calmness. The tranquility and blissful state that come after the euphoria are both deep and profound. You’ll come to know a form of relaxation that few other strains are able to provide.

OG Kush X Unknown berry strain

This strain is cut from a different cloth thanks to its legendary heritage. One of its parents is known throughout the world:

  • OG Kush – With 19-24% THC and 75% Indica dominance, OG Kush is a record-holder in Canada. With a superb cerebral rush and powerful body high, this strain is unmatched.
  • Unknown berry strain – While we don’t know its name or breed, we’re quite sure this strain was an Indica-dominant strain with a great berry-infused flavour.crunch berry og strain

1/2 Pound, 1/4 Pound, 14 Grams, OZ, Pound


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