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pink kush weed.Pink Kush is not only pink but also sweet, extremely tasty, and it boasts a very potent head high. You won’t only become euphoric and happy after taking a smoke from Pink Kush, though. This strain is highly relaxing and sedative.Pink Kush Weed For Sale

That’s why many weed enthusiasts buy it online from a dispensary for medical purposes. It’s good against appetite loss, anxiety, mood disorders, insomnia, migraines, etc.Pink Kush weed strain

Candy-sweet flavour

When it comes to flavour, Pink Kush is one of the sweetest and most flavour strains in the world:

Flavour – Hiding behind shades of floral aftertastes and hints of wood and pine, Pink Kush delivers an impactful flavour that won’t let you go even after smoking it. Are you ready to wrestle with this unmatched flavour?

  • Fragrance – The fragrance of Pink Kush is very similar to its flavour. You’ll smell flowers, berries, and even woody pine. The whiff of vanilla might be stronger than anticipated, as well.
  • Looks – This is where the name of this strain comes into play. Pink Kush has pink hairs dotting its green nugs. The white layer of trichomes only serves to emphasize its deliciousness and impressive potency.

High THC at 20 percent/Pink Kush Weed For Sale

Stopping at 20%, the THC concentration of Pink Kush is fairly high. The resulting cerebral high is intense, yet not unpleasantly so. Think of the high like a slow descent into contemplation, filled with joy and euphoria. You might get the munchies and start laughing at everything even remotely funny. After smoking this strain, you’ll wish you had more. Especially if you suffer from insomnia or chronic kush flavors for sale

Indica-dominant hybrid

Pink Kush is a near-perfect hybrid with 90% Indica heritage. People buy this strain for its medical applications but also to relax at home, after a hard day at work. It’s ideal for when you want to dose off on the couch, contemplating your goal in life. Though, you might want to grab a few snacks to have on hand, just in case. The munchies delivered by Pink Kush are nothing to scoff at. If you suffer from appetite loss, this side-effect is just perfect.

OG Kush heritage

While one of Pink Kush’s parents remains unknown, OG Kush is most likely its other parent. This legendary strain is still a classic in Colorado, California, and the Pacific Northwest. The intense euphoria provided by this strain is only matched by the hard couch-lock that arrives at the end of the pink kush weed online


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