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super sour diesel strain

super sour diesel strain is one of the most popular and best sativas in the world today. This marijuana strain has a tangy taste when lighted up. The best part is you won’t require to consume a lot to enjoy. In fact, researchers report that Super Sour diesel strain hybrid is best enjoyed in smaller and controlled amounts.

Super sour diesel weed has a rich indica and sativa heritage and it shouldn’t be a surprise that it turns out to be a powerful and potent sativa crop. It is usually used for medical and recreational purposes. Veteran consumers have always loved it thanks to its effects and tangy taste.

You have to keep in mind that Super Sour cannabis strain came to be as a result of crossing the popular Sour Diesel and Super Silver Haze. This Sativa crop has a concrete cerebral high that gives the user a psychoactive experience. To beginners, it can be so strong leading overwhelm. Therefore, it is important to know how much Kush you can consume and stick to that amount.

About super sour diesel strain

Super Sour Diesel belongs to the Sativa cannabis class. It’s widely known for its smell which is similar to diesel. It has a tangy taste. This crop bears a light green bud after a few weeks in the field. You can easily identify it thanks to the frothy trichomes and orange hair. S Sour Diesel  came to be as a result of crossing two strains namely Sour Diesel and Super Silver Haze.

Its thc content level is approximately 19 percent and this makes this strain very potent. Some crops have been tested and reported to have as much as 26 percent. This cannabis strain will greatly boost your energy and elevate your mood while alleviating aches and pains in different parts of the body.

Super sour diesel marijuana strain has been reported to be an ideal choice for artists and musicians as it enhances creativity. People with arthritis and migraines will also benefit from using this strain. The majority of people enjoy using this strain not only medically but also recreationally.

Some of the adverse side effects that are associated and included in Super sour diesel strain info include paranoia and dizziness along with dry eyes and dry mouth which is known as cottonmouth. The majority of researchers and users have reported that beginners may experience adverse side effects when using this cannabis strain.marijuana strain super sour diesel

super sour diesel strain Odor and Flavor

By simply smelling Super sour diesel cannabis strain odor, a marijuana user will instantly recognize it without having to look at it. After all, it’s not easy to forget such a pungent smell. Think of it as standing near a gas station and smelling the blend of wet earth and kerosene. The odor tends to remain in the air for a long time.

It has diesel flavor. Therefore, if you are into such a smell, you are going to enjoy this strain. However, you need to keep in mind that herbal notes tend to coat the tongue after using this strain. You might cough one or two times while exhaling this strain thanks to its spicy and addictive flavor.sour diesel strain vs super skunk


Unlike other sativa seeds, Super Sour marijuana tickles its users and gives them an over the moon high. If you want a boost to get your day started, this strain is ideal for you. However, you should avoid consuming large amounts especially if you are a beginner to avoid adverse side effects.

The best thing about this pot is that it doesn’t affect the clarity of the mind, especially when consumed in small quantities. It has been reported to enhance creativity, clarity and focus on daily tasks. If you are an artist or musician, this strain is ideal for you because it unlocks the ability to explore different ideas.super sour diesel is what strain

If you consider yourself antisocial, use this pot. After a few puffs, you’ll get into a fun and chatty mood. You will have the courage to take risks and try out new things. With the recorded thc levels, this strain may awaken the dead. With all the positive side effects, it’s not recommended for beginners or heavy use for veterans as it may lead to several adverse effects.

Adverse side effects

Users should avoid consuming marijuana high volumes as it may result in a few dangerous side effects. Similar to other marijuana strains in the market, you will have dry mouth or what is referred to as cottonmouth and eyes. However, these can be prevented by drinking plenty of water after smoking and using eye drops to improve your looks. This is especially true if you are associating with customers and colleagues at work or working on a high priority task.

Since this oil strain is 100% Sativa with high thc levels, it can induce anxiety and dizziness. This may be followed by paranoia if intake is increased. You can avoid these adverse side effects by taking things slow.sour diesel strain massachusetts super skunk

Medical effects

Super sour diesel cannabis has several medical effects that cannot be ignored. After inhaling it for about three to four times, you’ll be very energetic and this feeling can go on for hours. Since it’s been reported to enhance concentration and mental clarity, it is ideal for people with ADD, PTSD, and ADHD.

After using this Super Sour Diesel, you are going to feel happy and relaxed as stress and tension gets flushed out. People who are suffering from depression can greatly benefit from using Super Sour Diesel Strain. It has also been reported to ease backaches, headaches, chronic pain, cramps, and muscle spasms.alberts super silver sour diesel strain

Growing Super Sour Diesel

This wax strain yields more harvests when grown indoors. However, it can also do well outdoors as long as the right person is handling it. You’ll need some experience on the farm to grow this crop and enjoy the harvests. It takes around nine to ten weeks to flower when it’s well taken care of during the growing process. The yield has been reported to be 300 grams per meter square. If you’ve ever grown this strain, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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Super Sour Diesel allows you to try out a combination of two powerful sativa strains. Before using this strain, it’s important to confirm with the people around you to avoid irritating them with its pungent smell. Knowing your ideal amount of consumption is critical to avoid adverse side effects. We hope that this super sour diesel  review was fun and educational.


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16 reviews for Sour Diesel

  1. Adolfo Onio

    this was pretty good this time
    this was the best version of sour diesel that I have gotten from here, but still not quite there. It still doesn’t smell strong enough maybe that’s why?
    so 4 stars only because the sour diesel we have here is the strongest smelling (skunk/gas) and in many peoples opinion the best weed you can get

  2. Agenore Toscani

    Fantastic smoke. The effects were fantastic, I went on a walk in a park with my friends and felt like I was in a videogame lmao. Would definitely recommend!

  3. Snjezana Vorobyova

    Definitely my top 5 favorite sativas next to Green Crack. Great for a hike or bike riding.

  4. Jamal Yuriev

    AMAZING strain! I tend to choose the fruity strains over gasoline taste. I ordered a 2lb to try but I should have taken more. The ”diesel” aroma is so great! Will buy again

  5. Miroslava Břečková

    Was okay– very good quality, just not to my tastes. I didn’t find the high anything mindblowing, but it was very pleasant.

  6. Adrian J. Huddleston

    This was way more beneficial than I’d thought it would be as I underestimated it’s ability to relax muscles, particularly “computer shoulder” – and without a heavy sedative effect or making you too spacey.

  7. Laura M. Cuevas

    We loved the high from this strain, it was upbeat and was long lasting. The taste was hars/strong which my husband enjoyed, I prefer a milder flavor but well worth the stone.

  8. Luis C. Reiley

    Couldnt have been more excited to get this stuff and i wasnt let down in the least. Its full of crystal and the buds were a good size (nice and full). It smokes great and the buzz is completely functional and uplifting. Amazing deal

  9. Donald L. Guss

    These beautiful frosty nugs filled my room with a scent that can only be described as “sour diesel” this site has to be one of the few places that actually sells what they are advertising, and the buds you get match the pictures! I’m very impressed by the quality of the herb and I will continue to buy my ganja from here. Next up for me is the Maui wowie!

  10. Mark M. Phillips

    On first look the buds looked really light and fluffy. Exotic fruity smell. Smoke was smooth and light with a fairly white burn. Overall a very good strain. Very good bargain on the oz as well.

  11. Claire J. Ali

    Wow found this stuff for $230 an oz. What a great deal. Preemo smoke

  12. Randy D. Burgess

    Taste: 5/10
    -Bitter taste that lingers on the pallet. Quite harsh.
    Intensity: 7.5/10
    -Good buzz, medium intensity.
    Decent smoke. Don’t like the taste.

  13. Louis A. Stradley

    Great smell and taste and super fluffy. Not as intense as I remember it but amazing for a day time high.

  14. Javier M. Baker

    Looks better than photos
    Tasty! Wish I ordered more.
    Great day high

  15. Rochelle J. McCarter

    Awsome Buds Awsome strain Awsome smoke definitly recommend and will reorder this one

  16. Annie R. Pollard

    The 2nd best sativa I’ve ever had.
    Really good smell and high !

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