Ghost OG Preroll


What Is Ghost OG Preroll

Ghost OG Preroll is an OG in the true sense; a classic; the kind that wines and dines and never leaves you hanging. Ghost OG, a bud that is both potent and easy to get along with, is a cross cut of OG Kush and Afghani made by Dark Heart Nursery and is sure to become one of your new favorite.

 Ghost OG Preroll is chock full of flavor to match its charming rainbow exterior. You’re sure to marvel at her numerous colors that range from tones of green to yellow to some even as dark as deep purple. These leafy buds are vibrant in their own right but it is the dusting of trichomes and the pop of yellow leaves and glossy orange hairs that leave you with your jaw on the floor. The sweet lemon-lime flavors, as well as strong kushy aromas, enhance this bud’s uniqueness, however, it’s truly the 24% THC levels that really set this strain into the no brainer realm.

Medical Benefits

 Ghost OG is a widely used medicinal marijuana strain because of its versatility. Some consumers say that it helps to relax them and reduces stress. As Ghost OG is said to have a calming and sedating effect on its consumers, it may be useful for individuals with an anxiety disorder.

Reviewers of the Ghost OG strain say that they find it useful for alleviating a wide variety of painful conditions. Some of these include chronic pain, muscle spasms, migraines, and joint aches.

Once the body high takes over, Ghost OG tends to make you feel sleepy. For this reason, Ghost OG is becoming increasingly popular for cannabis consumers with insomnia.

Ghost OG Preroll Possible Side Effects

 Ghost OG is potent, it should not have many adverse effects on experienced cannabis users. Common side effects include dry and itchy eyes, cottonmouth, and dehydration.

These issues are easily solved by having a large bottle of water, and eye drops, nearby when using it.

Other possible adverse effects include slight dizziness and paranoia, although this usually impacts inexperienced users. Occasionally, smoking this strain could cause a headache, although that could be down to dehydration.


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