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White Widow Strains

White Widow Strains is a hybrid, with a slight Indica dominance. It has a genetic ratio of 60% Indica, 40% sativa. White Widow is upbeat, mesmerising and will relax the body, but won’t cause the mind to want to fall asleep. white widow super cheese


Originally descending from a breed between South American (sativa) and South Indian Indica in the Netherlands in 1990’s. With both parents being categorized as landrace strains, it seems obvious that White Widow would turn out to become one potent and pure strain, whose effects can be felt in the exact same manner; with strength and clarity. real white widow weed


The white widow can be seen of fat and lose sage green buds that are stacked up together in tall colas, long bright orange pistil hairs curling on their way, joining the long light to dark green water leaves that often express an ombre-like colour gradient in their white widow seeds australia.  


Its aroma is pungent, sharp, stinky (in a good way of course) and sometimes spicy or fruity. The White Widow strain is considered to be so strong smelling, that it can feel from across a large room.white widows strain


An earthy and woody flavour, with sweet undertones. White Widow may express a particularly fruity or spicy taste as white widow clones. 


White Widow tops out at a stunning 20-25% THC level, making it one of the most influential and most potent cannabis strains in the world. Consumption leads to feeling energised, yet relaxed, entirely in a state of euphoria that will still allow to function regularly mentally, maybe just with a slightly more positive overall energy.

An ideal choice for those who are seeking a strain that will not cause them tiredness, lethargy, or lack of energy. It gives a balanced state of mind between relaxed and aware. buy white widow marijuana


White Widow strain has immense resin production, which tops the charts on all fronts to declare it as a good resistant to all conditions. White Widow weed is resistant to molds, bugs and even colder climates, it often grows successfully without much fuss, as long as the basic conditions and needs of this strain are being met.


White Widow is easy to grow and a suitable option to cultivate professionally for any individual that has at least some experience with growing cannabis. White Widow’s flowering period is around eight weeks, but it can be raised for two more weeks to obtain the snowcapped frosty look that is so often attached directly to this strain.

White Widow can be grown indoors or grown outdoors, reaching to about 2 feet high indoors, with much more significant, yet varying heights for outdoors. A typical indoor yield is around 20-24oz/m2. While outdoor yields 21-25oz/ white widow

Medicinal Benefits:

Recommended for depression, anxiety, stress and PTSD in small doses and in chronic pain with large doses.

Side Effects:

The most frequently documented side effect is dry mouth. This can be resolved by drinking plenty of hydrating fluids. Occasionally, users have reported dry eyes, but this is much less regular than dry white widow seeds

Going Forward:

It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should always be place to buy white widow seeds

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